behind the lens

Jessie Sterner Legg is an accomplished north Atlanta based portrait photographer spanning a 15 year career in the social media, business, family, and wedding portraiture spheres. Highlighting human spirit and relationships through an equally grass-roots and idealized beauty, she is unique in returning images to her clients that offer them a feeling of other-worldliness found in simple contexts. She is most effective at creating a shoot environment that elevates the best in all ages and photo comfortability levels. A reputably trusted editing specialist and creative post-processor, all are sure to notice the distinctive perspective she brings to the craft of storytelling with photography.

Her studies and professional experience extends across digital and film photography, natural and studio light, large events, intimate events, theatrical photography, and beyond. In all environments, her minimalistic technicalities and free-spirited approach are both a formidable weapon and a gift.

When not working, one of her favorite activities is mucking around her family’s legacy farm, while snapshotting childhood with her all-time favorite subjects, her seedlings – daughters Aela and Shaye.

Art-photo Account – @IdeaSeedlings
Social and Booking Account – @Jlaynelegg