Thanks for taking a few media-minutes to visit my website! If you’re interested in learning more about me personally, read on. If you’re not, leave this page ASAP. 

My name is Jessie if you know me well, Jessica if you want to be formal. Jess, if you want to be friends for life.

I’m a complex, family-freak ENFP from Atlanta, Georgia. Enneagram 1, if that’s your tea. Sadly, no wings. I’m working on the wings.

By profound fortune and grace, I pocketed one gloriously fair-minded hottie of a husband, whom I’m thoroughly in love with. We met when we were fifteen. He is my resident “fixer-of-all-things” and the steady compass for my tossing ship of creativity.

Our smiley little beauty is named Aela. She is the dream. 

We live on a developing homestead, where we have a slowly growing collection of sweet animals, and even sweeter people. 5 generations of our family live on the farm! I shoot sessions here on the property, frequently. 

Now, zooming out from life on the farm. I’ve been tremendously blessed with a vast network of talented, passionate, leadership-oriented Christ-lovers, and many forms of artists. I’m worship leading full time at 12Stone Church, while nurturing my inner calling to song-write for ministry.

On top of ALL of this… worship leading, writing, parenting, teaching, marriage-ing, farming… I photograph the daily graces. Because meaningful as music is to the soul, it takes time for it to pay the bills. 

You may be thinking “Jess – How DO you photograph? When do you find the time… with all the things you just mentioned?”…

If we were face to face, I would laugh and say “Ahhh… So true, friend.”

I photograph, because fun. Because, monies. Because loving on people and making them feel seen, is in me deep. 

So please hire me, if you feel so inclined. I’d love to welcome you into the beauty, and the mess. 

Also, thanks for reading this novel.