Since I was young, I have believed that family love can be the apex of beauty. If you choose a family shoot with me, you will probably hear me say the line my clients have come to know and quote… “look at each other, not at me!”. Though I will take some formally styled portraits, my talents reside in the in-between shots. I encourage a loose and fun atmosphere with a lot of freedom for relationships to operate comfortably, while still directing your family members to strategically capture everyone at their best. 

Influencers & Bloggers

Since the very early days of social media, I have been utilizing those platforms to display my work and highlight the unique identity of many human beings. The only thing that’s changed, is that I no longer frequent the ever classy train-track locations, and my clients aren’t wearing Hollister brand clothing. I still enjoy the moody shots, the stunning beauty shots, and the effortless over the shoulder hair toss. If you need eye-catching content to accompany your writing, your social life, or any other aspect of your presence online… This kind of shooting is arguably my greatest strength behind the camera.


Having been a teacher for many years now, I have a very special place in my heart for this age group. I relish in hearing about their life, their coming choices, their aspirations, and fears. I use this shoot to just let them have fun, and take some of the mounting weight off their shoulders. While I try to capture the “shots for Mom”, that have a more classic look… a lot of my shoot time is spent bringing out the personality of the grad, and letting them shine.