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Choose your own look and feel! A highly skilled Adobe Lightroom wizard, Jessie is ready to put finishing touches on your portraits that meet specific preferences or vision.

While many photographers choose just one niche preset look and commit to it one hundred percent across their clientele, Jessie’s approach has always been to embrace the individuality of each session and given subject. She has spent years refining her process in post, to accommodate diverse skin tones, styles, lighting, and shoot objectives.

That means you can choose one consistent edit aesthetic for your return gallery, or mix and match!

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Her go-to edit style is a moody, warm-toned color grade with a slight matte finish. Grain or no grain, this is a client favorite!

finishes unique to you and your family

Have you ever had a generally positive experience with a photographer in person, but then the images returned just didn’t fit the vision you had when you set out to attain them?

Maybe it’s that you need the images to be color-toned to fit into your home interior design. Maybe your high-school senior wants a nineties film finish for their Instagram feed, while you were hoping for bright and clean portraits for the grad announcements.

Whatever your intent in hiring a photographer, final image satisfaction is absolutely attainable when you are with an artist who is adept at BOTH the shoot experience AND the post-process quality control! One might say, you can have your cake and eat it too. 

Take a look across this page, and see if any featured looks here stand out to you – or feel free to check in with requests prior to your shoot!

Get exactly what you hoped and paid for, that’s the goal. 

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Above you saw a handful of recent style options, if you want to see more, feel free to request further examples!